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What type of schools are listed on Prep Review?
Only schools that meet the following requirements are listed the site: College preparatory private day secondary schools and boarding schools with total student enrollment greater than > 100 and senior graduating class greater than or equal to ≥ 30 (5yr avg). Enrolls students in grade(s) 12, 13/PG, and or Sixth form and is located in the USA, England, or Canada.
What is the scope of private day and boarding school rankings?
All published rankings are national or country-level based on school classification and college placement. It covers college preparatory private day secondary schools and boarding schools across the USA, UK, and Canada that meets our listing requirements (See above).
Can I compare schools in the USA, in England and in Canada?
Yes, you can compare schools in New York City to the one in Utah, or in England and/or in Canada. For example, this shows comparison of three schools: Dalton School in New York, Eton College in England, and Bishop Strachan School in Canada.
Are matriculation and college placement information available for all schools listed on the site?
No. Matriculation data is only available for ranked school.
Option A: Premium online access to one ranking with accompanying school reviews.
Option B: Complete premium online access to all available rankings, expanded school profiles and reviews.
Does my premium online membership renew automatically? No. Membership terminates after the initial membership term of either 3 months or 12 months.
Does Prep Review store my credit card information?
No. Prep Review does not store your credit card details for security reasons and industry compliancy. You will therefore need to enter the information every time you checkout.
All fees and charges are nonrefundable, unexchangable and there are no refunds, exchanges, or credits for partially used periods. All premium online features acquired as part of your premium account, expire immediately upon cancellation or termination of your premium account.
Web browsers and difficulties with viewing and accessing the site
Users of Microsoft Internet Explorer earlier than version 10.0 and other older web browsers will experience problems viewing the site. Please upgrade to a newer version, which are available for download - Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Internet Explorer. Web browser will need to have Javascript enabled and will have to accept cookies from the PrepReview.com domain. Detailed instructions on how to enable cookies and javascript from Google.com.
How do I contact Prep Review?
To send us your questions, comments, and suggestions please use the contact page