National Cathedral School Sidwell Friends School Georgetown Day School none selected
Overall rating
School typeDay students onlyDay students onlyDay students only
Enrollment genderGirls onlyCoedCoed
Total enrollment5801,1001,030
Day grade4th - 12thPK - 12thPK - 12th
Boarding gradeNone - NoneNone - NoneNone - None
Religious affiliationEpiscopalQuakers/FriendsNone
City or Post townWashingtonWashingtonWashington
State Province or CountyDistrict of ColumbiaDistrict of ColumbiaDistrict of Columbia
CountryUnited StatesUnited StatesUnited States
Teacher quality
College counseling
Quality of life

* Only private college preparatory school with total student enrollment > 100, senior graduating class ≥ 30, and enrolls students in grade(s) 12, 13/PG, and or sixth form is shown. The school data listed above may contain typographical errors and out dated information. Please contact the schools directly for more up to date and accurate information.

1 Matriculation data is only available for ranked schools. US matriculation % = Ivy League, MIT and Stanford; UK matriculation % = Oxbridge; Canada matriculation % = McGill, Univ of Tornoto, plus Ivy League MIT Stanford.

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