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Very useful and highly recommended… Harvard PhD, Senior Economist IMF

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Prep Review is an encyclopedia of the best college preparatory schools for getting into the most elite universities and colleges… McClatchy-Tribune

Readers learn more about the inner workings of the included boarding schools than they might from standard guidebooks or campus visits… ForeWord Reviews


The views expressed in the school review(s) are the writer's honestly held opinions of the school at the time he/she was in attendance. It should be borne in mind that the facts that founded any of these bona fide opinions might have changed since that time.

Only independent private college preparatory schools with total student enrollment greater than > 100, senior graduating class greater than or equal to ≥ 30, enrolls students in grade(s) 12, 13/PG, and or sixth form are listed on the site. Ivy League, MIT and Stanford matriculation estimate stat for US, Oxbridge matriculation stat for UK, and McGill, University of Toronto, Ivy League MIT Stanford matriculation stat for Canada schools are only available for ranked schools. The school data may contain typographical errors, incomplete, and out dated information. Please contact the schools directly for more up to date and accurate information.