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Greensboro Day School

School rating 4.8/5 by Princeton University student

5401 Lawndale Drive Greensboro NC 27455 United States
PK to 12th


Greensboro Day School review by Princeton University student. Greensboro Day School's greatest strength is the quality of its dedicated teachers and the small class sizes (12-20 students/class). The math and history departments are strongest with a few excellent teachers in English as well. The work required in these subjects was excellent college preparation and the teachers made the classes truly enjoyable. Science classes are surprisingly weak, as evidenced by the lack of AP science classes offered coupled with minimal student interest. Art and Foreign Languages are fair overall but both have one or two excellent teachers. Greensboro Day has a much-hyped laptop program wherein every student is required to have a laptop beginning in 6th grade, but the school is just now beginning to take advantage of the potential educational benefits. During my time the laptop was a greater distraction than anything else, but supposedly teachers have become increasingly competent in working them into the lesson plans. As expected, AP classes are taught around the test however, students tend to do very well on AP's across the board. Class offerings and electives aren't terribly imaginative or abundant but classes like Musical Theater Cabaret, History in Film, and Philosophy are always popular. The beautiful new theater provides an excellent venue for the performing arts and overall the facilities are well maintained, clean, functional, and beautiful.

College Counseling

Greensboro Day School has a....

Sample insights on college counseling

  • They have contacts at most of the major universities and feel perfectly comfortable picking up the phone and advocating for a student to get accepted somewhere they feel is a good fit for that student. However, these counselors are certainly not magic bullets. They cannot guarantee that a student will get into an Ivy League university...

Admissions - Getting Accepted

GDS is a K-12 institution,....

Sample insights on admissions

  • For the interview, dress conservatively. Try to be very clean and put together. Also, I was a tour guide for two years and at the end of every tour, we were asked to evaluate the candidate so if you think the tour is not apart of the process, you are very wrong. Ask questions and be interested. Also, tip for the parents: the kids speak on the tour. Don't ask their questions for them...

School Life

The school is small, friendly, and safe. Many students attend for 13 years and an increasing number of alumni are sending their children to GDS (the school is only 37 years old). The schoolwork is as difficult as you want to make it but not overwhelming, and there is no atmosphere of unhealthy competition. The majority of the students come from an affluent, white, polite background and it is reflected in the general student attitude. Teachers mingle freely with students and a select few host study parties and extra help sessions at their homes. There are numerous opportunities to get involved in extracurricular activities or to delve deeper into the studies, all supported by the school; however, students must show the initiative and most are not as openly competitive or driven as one might expect. The facilities of the campus are adequate to say the least. The school does not have a terribly innovative ideology or radical teaching philosophy, and at times, the conservative parent constituency butts heads with administrative reforms or initiatives. GDS is not the school where every student takes 25 AP classes and is captain of 5 different teams, but the students are amiable and friendly, the teachers are dedicated and helpful, and there are resources and opportunities to succeed galore

The athletics and arts programs at Greensboro Day are the best in the city. The basketball program is a statewide powerhouse and the women's soccer team is often ranked in the top 50 teams in the nation. During my high school tenure, GDS won state titles in swimming, men's basketball, men's soccer, women's soccer, men and women's tennis, baseball, and lacrosse, among others that I may have forgotten. Any and every student is encouraged to join a team and the coaching staffs are excellent. I played varsity soccer and varsity basketball and stay in close touch with both my head coaches and assistant coaches to this day. Basketball is the biggest sport at the school and a number of GDS players have gone on to play in the ACC, Ivy League, and Div. III. Performing arts are also very strong with many musical theater students continuing their studies in college and going on to professional careers in theater. A state-of-the-art theater was built in 2003 and has allowed for bigger and better productions every year.

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