Top 30 Yale Feeder College-Prep Schools 2013/2014
Yale University Placement

Rank Yale Feeder Schools Ivy League MIT Stanford Placement Yale
SAT Median Mean Faculty Student Ratio School Grade Offered Coed Boys Girls Average Class Size Student Enroll- ment Day Tuition US$ Boarding Tuition US$
1 Premium Content 41% 8%
2 37% 7%

Yale Placement

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Includes Yale university matriculation (estimate) ranking of college preparatory secondary schools in the United States, plus individual school profiles and reviews.(1)(2)

Only college preparatory secondary schools in the United States that (1) enrolls students in grades 12/PG and (2) with a minimum average graduating class of 40 in the past 5 years are included in the ranking. Ranking is based on the percentage (estimate) of graduating class entering Yale University during the past 5 year period. If 5 year matriculation data is unavailable, a time period of 1 to 4 years is used.

3 28% 6%
Counselors all had experience as actual college admissions officers…
Yale, Regis High School
5 Ivy League MIT Stanford Yale
7 Ivy League MIT Stanford Yale
9 Ivy League MIT Stanford Yale
11 Ivy League MIT Stanford Yale
13 Ivy League MIT Stanford Yale
15 Ivy League MIT Stanford Yale
17 Ivy League MIT Stanford Yale
19 Ivy League MIT Stanford Yale
Ivy League MIT Stanford Yale

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