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They have contacts at major universities and feel perfectly comfortable picking up the phone and advocating…

Students at Groton tend to be either very smart, very rich, or both (because some people just seem to have…

Harvard student

Groton School

At Eton, while you are taught to tick the boxes, this is merely a preliminary measure: the emphasis is…

Oxford student

Eton College

Compared to public schools and most other private schools, college counseling at Choate is…

Harvard student

Choate Rosemary Hall

the admissions rate is around 10-15%…Top level athletes and legacy students are definitely favored,…

I had an outside college counselor assist me...because I felt that the Dalton counselor and I did not get along,…

Yale student

Dalton School

Advantage of being taught at Westminster was that the teachers were very aware of any changes in the syllabus for exams, due to the fact that many of them…

Oxford student

Westminster School London

Teaching is not geared simply to passing public exams but to cultivating intellect. I think this was a great help when it came to applying to Oxford.…

Oxford student

Winchester College

College counselors are very well connected and have relationships with admissions officers at…

Extraordinarily successful college counseling program. Huge percentages of students attend Ivy League…

Harvard student

Trinity School

Really improved is with their practice interviews: many of the teachers have Oxbridge…

Cambridge student

Manchester Grammar School

Honestly say that if it wasn't for my college counselor, I would not be where I am now…

Yale student

Horace Mann School


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