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6100 Broadway Oakland CA 94618 United States

College Preparatory School review by University of California - Santa Barbara student: The teaching at College Prep was bar none. I really can not emphasize enough the amazing experiences I had with my teachers here. Even in the subjects I wasn't good at (I always struggled more in the maths and sciences) the teachers were always available to me for help. Additionally, they reached out to me when they saw I wasn't doing well. I was always successful academically before I came to College Prep, but it was challenging at first. They expect a lot from you, but they also give a lot back. I hadn't had to work exceptionally hard before attending CPS, and so it really was a challenge. In my four years, however, I really learned how to study. More than anything, CPS taught me how to be an excellent student. In college, the biggest difference between my peers and I was my understanding of how to read efficiently, study efficiently, time manage, etcetera. It's rare that I have to pull "all-nighters" or feel stressed out to an overwhelming degree in college because I was prepared for an immense workload and challenging situations. The school has incredible teachers- I particularly loved the english department- but I rarely had a teacher that I didn't like. At least when I attended (I graduated three years ago), english and math were probably their best subjects. However, science, history, and language were also pretty consistently excellent. The only areas that were sub-par were art (fine arts, dance, drama) and athletics. It is slightly hard to be in college classes after the experiences I had at CPS, however. At CPS, classes were never more than 20 students (and that's a high number). Discussion was encouraged and expected, and always added to my learning experience. One thing I found incredible about classes there was that.… more

College Preparatory School founded 1960 is a co-educational private independent College preparatory school located in Oakland, CA, USA. College Preparatory School enrolls Day students only with a total student enrollment of 335 in day student grades 9th to 12th. College Preparatory School endowment is estimated $10 million and the endowment per student is approximately $29,851.

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  • College Preparatory School
  • Day students only
  • College preparatory
  • 9th to 12th
  • Coed
  • 335
  • 1960
  • None
  • 6100 Broadway Oakland CA 94618 United States
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