Cranbrook Schools

Overall rating 4.3 out of 5 based on 3 student reviews

39221 Woodward Avenue Bloomfield Hills MI 48303 United States

Cranbrook Schools review by Washington University in St. Louis student: The school has a strong academic program in virtually any subject, although we do not do as well as our rival Detroit Country Day in academic competitions. The theater program is exceptional, as well as arts (we have a graduate school for arts in our campus right next to the boys' dorms). The students are very competitive in honors and AP classes, but most are friendly enough to share their knowledge with others when studying for a test. Workload for a college-bound student is very heavy, we usually work until 1am every day. But there are less demanding classes as well. Everyone has to study hard because it can be difficult to keep a certain GPA to remain in the school. The classroom environment is great for the most part, many teachers allow great amount of freedom of discussion, and there is no tension between students and teachers. The teachers can be seen throughout the day if they live in the dorms and are responsive to emails. I do not know what's available for students with academic difficulties, but I believe there are tutoring services. International students get help with English through a class. I think that the school has prepared me academically for college by simulating the college class environment. Many classes are discussion-based and students are encouraged to challenge the teachers. However I do find that many restrictions (One can only take 3 AP classes a year) not helpful for many smart people.… more

Cranbrook Schools founded 1922 is a co-educational private independent College preparatory school located in Bloomfield Hills, MI, USA. Cranbrook Schools enrolls Boarding and day students with a total student enrollment of 1620 in day student grades PK to 12th boarding student grades 9th to 12th. Cranbrook Schools endowment is estimated $218 million and the endowment per student is approximately $134,568.

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