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Cranbrook Schools

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39221 Woodward Avenue Bloomfield Hills MI 48303 United States

Cranbrook Schools review by Williams College student. Since Cranbrook is a college preparatory private school, the school focuses upon providing a well-rounded education for its students. Students are required to take at least 5 courses per semester. During freshman/sophomore years and then junior/senior years, students must complete at least 1 credit of art courses, so the student must graduate with 2 art credits. Students must take at least 2 consecutive years of a.… more

Cranbrook Schools founded 1922 is a co-educational private independent College preparatory school located in Bloomfield Hills, MI, USA. Cranbrook Schools enrolls Boarding and day students with a total student enrollment of 1620 in day student grades PK to 12th boarding student grades 9th to 12th. Cranbrook Schools endowment is estimated $218 million and the endowment per student is approximately $134,568.

  • Day tuition
  • Cranbrook Schools
    $ 27,450 (USD)
    Top 30 Boarding Schools
    $ 37,786 (USD)
    Top 50 High Schools
    $ 36,432 (USD)
  • Boarding tuition
  • Cranbrook Schools
    $ 37,900 (USD)
    Top 30 Boarding Schools
    $ 52,737 (USD)
    Top 50 High Schools
    $ 52,292 (USD)

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  • Cranbrook Schools
  • Boarding and day students
  • College preparatory
  • PK to 12th
  • 9th to 12th
  • 7 day boarding
  • Coed
  • 1620
  • $37,900
  • $27,450
  • 1922
  • None
  • 39221 Woodward Avenue Bloomfield Hills MI 48303 United States
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