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1300 Academy Road Culver IN 46511 United States

Culver Academies review by Northwestern University student: In the past several years the academic structure of Culver has undergone dramatic changes, some of which are immeasurably beneficial whereas others are not. Overall, the teachers are passionate and caring specialists in their fields and the class options are diverse enough to satisfy all types of students, from the future physician to artist. Classes range in size from 8 to 16 students depending on interest, but most classes tend not to exceed 13 or 14 students. This allows for a high degree of one-on-one attention and also fosters a more personal relationship between students and teachers. It isn't unusual to see students eating with faculty and their family in the dining hall, and half of the spectators at a given athletic event will be teachers. Teachers are readily available to assist students outside of class - during free periods, the afternoon, evenings in the library or dorm, even on weekends if needed. There are dozens of honors and AP classes available with more being added every year. Scores average in the 4's and 5's for nearly all of these. Students also have the option of earning honors in a given subject (e.g., math, science, visual arts, humanities) as a senior, which involves an independent thesis completed over a period of up to 10 months, and usually an interview and/or public demonstration. This was possibly the single most useful process of my time at Culver because it was indicative of the more advanced research projects that college students complete. At the cornerstone of all classes and even non-academic life is the student-written Culver honor code: "I will not lie, cheat, or steal, and I will discourage others from such actions." The honor code is more than an oft-repeated statement; students truly do take it to heart. Lying, cheating, and stealing, are not tolerated.… more

Culver Academies founded 1894 is a co-educational private independent College preparatory school located in Culver, IN, USA. Culver Academies enrolls Boarding and day students with a total student enrollment of 775 in day student grades 9th to PG boarding student grades 9th to PG. Culver Academies endowment is estimated $157 million and the endowment per student is approximately $202,581.

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  • 1300 Academy Road Culver IN 46511 United States
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