John Burroughs School

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755 South Price Road St. Louis MO 63124 United States

John Burroughs School review by Harvard University student: Burroughs provides an extremely rigorous, but rewarding academic environment for its students. Each of the departments within the school is staffed by incredibly knowledgeable and helpful teachers that truly enjoy teaching and challenging their students. As a result of this excitement surrounding academics, teachers hold high expectations for their students. Many classes are quite small (ranging from 5-15 students) and students are required to come to class prepared and ready to learn. Outside of the classroom, students often have quite a bit of homework that they are expected to complete and in some classes, such as English classes, work outside of class serves as the catalyst for class discussion. Most classrooms, with the exception of science and math classes, have circular desk arrangements to facilitate discussion in a comfortable and relaxed environment. The large amount of homework and the emphasis on classroom dialogue prepared me extremely well for the college environment. By the time I started my freshman year of college, the workload was comparable to the Burroughs' workload (the difficulty was comparable, as well), but I had much more time to complete everything at college, allowing for a very smooth academic transition. As a liberal arts school, Burroughs has a school philosophy that tries to instill within its students a love of learning. Teachers often encourage their students to challenge and debate the teachings of the course. This is done both inside and outside of the classroom. Inside of the classroom, students may challenge each other and the teacher in a relaxed environment that allows them to accept differing opinions and learn from their mistakes. This relaxed environment also discourages competition among students, as everyone feels comfortable making mistakes around their peers, or even reaching out to them for help. Students also develop personal relationships with their teachers that allow.… more

John Burroughs School founded 1923 is a co-educational private independent College preparatory school located in St. Louis, MO, USA. John Burroughs School enrolls Day students only with a total student enrollment of 590 in day student grades 7th to 12th. John Burroughs School endowment is estimated $43 million and the endowment per student is approximately $72,881.

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  • John Burroughs School
  • Day students only
  • College preparatory
  • 7th to 12th
  • Coed
  • 590
  • 1923
  • None
  • 755 South Price Road St. Louis MO 63124 United States
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