Boarding Schools in Tennessee (TN), USA

up to 4 schools

Schools* City State Day Boarding Gender Enrollment Religion
  • USA
  • GRB
  • CAN
King's Academy
SeymourTNPK-12th6th-12thCoed403Southern Baptist
McCallie School
ChattanoogaTN6th-12th9th-12thBoys only890None
Webb School
Bell BuckleTN6th-12th7th-12thCoed300None

* Only private college preparatory school with total student enrollment > 100, senior graduating class ≥ 30, and enrolls students in grade(s) 12, 13/PG, and or sixth form is shown. The school data listed above may contain typographical errors and out dated information. Please contact the schools directly for more up to date and accurate information.

1 Matriculation data is only available for ranked schools. US matriculation % = Ivy League, MIT and Stanford; UK matriculation % = Oxbridge; Canada matriculation % = McGill, Univ of Tornoto, plus Ivy League MIT Stanford.

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