Princeton Day School

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The Great Road Princeton NJ 08542 United States

Princeton Day School review by Villanova University student: I've found that Princeton Day School prepared me extremely well academically for college. One of the best examples being that in all of my classes in high school, not just English, we were given substantial amounts to read-- and there was a strong emphasis on reading comprehension to ensure that all of the students were in fact reading and understanding the books. I read such a broad range of books and read so frequently that when I got to college and most students were struggling with the reading material, even at a prestigious university, I found that it was no different than what I was expected to read in high school. I think along the same lines, Princeton Day School places a strong emphasis on writing skills, and my professors were very impressed with the sophistication of my papers in college, which I credit all to PDS. Most of my classes in high school were discussion based, and even in the ones that were more lecture style, such as math and science, there was a lot of conversation between the teachers and students. My classes were all small enough that the atmosphere was very comfortable and the students and teachers were very familiar with each other. If anyone was confused on a concept or topic, the teacher would often not only answer the question but initiate a discussion about it. They made learning very easy. … more

Princeton Day School founded 1899 is a co-educational private independent Non-Denominational Christian College preparatory school located in Princeton, NJ, USA. Princeton Day School enrolls Day students only with a total student enrollment of 900 in day student grades PK to 12th. Princeton Day School endowment is estimated $25 million and the endowment per student is approximately $27,778.

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    $ 29,490 (USD)
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  • Princeton Day School
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  • PK to 12th
  • Coed
  • 900
  • 1899
  • Non-Denominational Christian
  • The Great Road Princeton NJ 08542 United States
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