Northfield Mount Hermon School

Overall rating 4.1/5 based on 6 student reviews

One Lamplighter Way Mount Hermon MA 01354 United States
Gender Overall rating Day grades Boarding grades
Coed 4.1/5
based on 6 reviews
9th - PG 9th - PG

Northfield Mount Hermon School review by George Washington University student. Northfield Mount Hermon follows a college block schedule by semester. This means, students take 3 classes in the fall and a different 3 in the spring. Each class is 80 minutes long with APs going 120 minutes once a week. The school offers a wide variety of classes in science, mathematics, arts(visual and performing), English, foreign language(Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, French, and Latin), physical.… more

Northfield Mount Hermon School founded 1879 is a co-educational private independent College preparatory school located in Mount Hermon, MA, USA. Northfield Mount Hermon School enrolls Boarding and day students with a total student enrollment of 650 in day student grades 9th to PG boarding student grades 9th to PG. Northfield Mount Hermon School endowment is estimated $112 million and the endowment per student is approximately $172,308.

  • Day tuition
  • Northfield Mount Hermon
    $ 37,300 (USD)
    Top 30 Boarding Schools
    $ 37,930 (USD)
    Top 50 High Schools
    $ 36,301 (USD)
  • Boarding tuition
  • Northfield Mount Hermon
    $ 54,700 (USD)
    Top 30 Boarding Schools
    $ 52,439 (USD)
    Top 50 High Schools
    $ 51,711 (USD)
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  • Northfield Mount Hermon School
  • Boarding and day students
  • College preparatory
  • 9th to PG
  • 9th to PG
  • 7 day boarding
  • Coed
  • 650
  • $54,700
  • $37,300
  • 1879
  • None
  • One Lamplighter Way Mount Hermon MA 01354 United States
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